What is Website and why your business needs a Website?

Simply a website is a collection of related web pages contain text, images or videos about your business, your products and services or information about your organization. For a website you should have Hosting server and Domain. A website may be categorized by function in following manner
1. A personal website
2. A commercial website
3. Corporate Website
3. A government website
4. A non-profit or organization website/ NGO
5. Social Networking site
5. Community Site

Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website
01. Trend: Now a days the people expects businesses and organizations should have a website which provide basic information of your business or organization to people and a quick way to getting in contact. A website has become essential commodity as a telephone or printed service brochure.

02. Your business available to world: In internet your company website is available 24/7, 365 Days a year, unlike your business office that operates only Mon to Saturday for a fixed hours. A website will also help your business to increase profit.

03. Differentiate yourself: By having a well-designed website you can create professional appeal and rise confidence in your customer. In now a day’s customers think that you have a website. With a well designed website you look bigger than actually you are.

03. It’s an online business brochure or catalogue:  A website is your digital online business brochure or catalogue like your printed one. A website can be created and updated easily, quickly and affordably rather than printed material. By this you will save money on printing and reduce your distributing cost as well.

04. Targeting Large Audience in different market: By physically you can target little local business area and a small audience but on the internet your can present your business in over the world and target large customers ever before.

05. Sell Product and Services.
On offline business you will have to pay rent, bills, salaries and many more but on online business you can sale your product 24/7, 365 Days a year contently without so much expenses. By using online secure order-purchase system your can increase your sales and profit.
And so on…there is so many reasons that a business or organization should have a website.

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